The Connection Connoisseur

A connector at heart, Brenda shares her passion for meaningful relationships, in her book, "Lady and the Tribe" available in bookstores this Fall.  Her friends refer to her as the "Connection Connoisseur" because she loves connecting people to people, and solutions to build their best life.  Brenda currently represents the Carbon Valley area in the 2021 Mrs. Colorado America Pageant.

About Brenda Ridgley

Brenda is an Author, speaker and friendship guru.  She has a Masters Degree in Organizational Development and has spent more than a decade in the field of Human Resources Training and Development with Fortune 500 companies.


When she isn't writing or promoting Lady and the Tribe, Brenda shares her passion for saving businesses and households money on healthcare, as well as almost every other household expense while creating passive residual income and training teams to do the same. 


In 2013 she co-founded the annual Carbon Valley Half Marathon & 5K for Autism and she is currently competing for the Mrs. Colorado America 2021 title as Mrs. Carbon Valley.

Read local writer Jennae Geren's blog sharing Brenda's story:  "Local entrepreneur Brenda Ridgley on a near-death experience, leaving corporate America and how to rewrite your master plan when everything falls apart."
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In 2013 Brenda created the Carbon Valley Half Marathon & 5K to Raise Funds and Awareness for Autism.  Learn more about this annual event & how you can get involved.



Brenda Ridgley Direct: 720-331-4678

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