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Empty Nest Celebrity
Are You?

(Find your Celebrity Empty Nest-Alike below)

Our response to this major life change can be anything from panic and dread to celebration and excitement. At times we will likely feel all of the above! Throughout our lives we are trained on the intricacies of marriage, having a baby, and even retirement, but nobody talks about this awkward and sometimes unwelcomed stage of parenthood when you go from a bustling household full of kids to launching them out of the nest and on to their next chapters. Our lives will truly never be the same. What is next for us? The good news is you are not alone.  Together we can reconnect, reclaim and relaunch our lives!

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Mothers Gale King Kelly Ripa and Brook Sheilds

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Your Celebrity
Empty Nest-Alikes

Kelly Ripa
christie brinkley

Kelly Ripa

Empty Nest Style:  Uneasy.  "It was really hard to take my kids to college and drop them off."

Christie Brinkley

Empty Nest Style:  Confident.  "I've always encouraged my kids to be independent... now I'm like 'GO'! "

Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure

Empty Nest Style:  Crafty.  "I'm really excited to add an office to my house by using one of the kids bedrooms!"

Kathy Lee Gifford

Kathy Lee Gifford

Empty Nest Style:  Road-tripping.  "I'm already planning a long-weekend 'surprise' visit to see them."

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