Living Whole YOU


Change can be challenging!

I want to shine a light on the confusion that comes when your “purpose” moves out of your house, or some other life event causes your routine and lifestyle to change. The struggle is real when we feel grief and mourn the loss of the interactions and lifestyle we created with our family.  We have poured our heart and soul into our kids, our spouse and even our career.  We did a great job!  Our product is evident in their confidence and eagerness to move forward into their next adventure… without looking back.  Our success in service to others may have left us disconnected from our own passions. 


The emptiness we feel is real.  Not only is it a physical emptiness, but even more difficult is the emotional emptiness left with us.  I want to help.  Let's visit one-on-one so I can learn about you and provide you with a mini plan to get started on a path of self-discovery.  Together, lets identify and design a path for YOU so you are eager and excited to get out of bed each day and thrive!

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A Results-Driven Mentoring Method



The good news is that there are transitioning tools that can help us rediscover what lights us up and re-ignites our passion for life.  I am committed to helping women transition quickly from grief to joy and fulfilling contribution.


A Community of Connection and Support


We share frequent opportunities to meet with like-minded women forging the same path to their next and best chapters.  We outline a systemized plan of action to find new friends in your area, connect, and build rapport.  We provide tools to help you select Tribe-worthy women to grow deeper with to create your own circle of support, your Tribe.

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