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A non-insurance solution to the rising cost of healthcare

As a self employed author, paying for traditional healthcare is expensive. Finally, modern technology has enabled millions of Americans to see their own providers without having to line the pockets of large corporations. How? By joining a healthcare sharing organization like Impact Health Sharing.

Impact isn't insurance. It's a decentralized, non-profit approach to paying for healthcare. Costs vary based on your age, how many members are in your family, and the Primary Responsibility Amount you select. And, all memberships come with great “perks” like unlimited free calls to licensed doctors, huge savings on prescriptions, and you can even stick with doctors who you already trust!

Use our Share Price Calculator to find and select a Monthly Share Amount that works best for you.

Families Avg $485 per month for healthcare.

Start saving now!

Save money with Impact Health Sharing

Real Savings Story.


"I was paying about $80 a month for my prescriptions. I pick up 5 each month for my family, and I thought I was doing pretty good. This month, using wholesale direct pricing, I paid $20."

- Abigail R

You know group buying works…let’s tackle healthcare!

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