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Are You Ready for the Summer?

Updated: May 30

(Our free time can fade like precious flower)

Make time for your Tribe Today!

Listen up, Campers! Can you feel it? The sun's a little warmer, the cocktails taste a little sweeter, and the faint echo of "freedom" whispers on the breeze. Summer's here, darlings, and it's time to break out the pool floaties (the ones that haven't deflated since last year, no judgment).

Remember those carefree summers of youth? Sure, we miss the boundless energy, but let's be real – adult summer is way better. No counselors telling you when to swim (hello, poolside margaritas!), and the only curfew is the one we set for ourselves (wine o'clock, anyone?).

But hold on a sec, girlfriend. Before we get swept away in a tide of rosé and rooftop soirées, let's talk about the elusive beast we call scheduling. We've all been there and know how summer has a knack for disappearing faster than a flash sale at our favorite boutique.

Here's the summer shuffle we all know too well: First, there's the blissful longer days (who needs alarms when the birds serenade you, right?). You get your garden planted and yard ready for entertaining (and earn a nasty sunburn upon neglecting the sunscreen soon enough). You have grand plans to catch up on that book that's been collecting dust on the nightstand, and maybe even tackle that neglected yoga mat. Then, just like that, its Labor Day weekend, and you realize the last time you saw your girlfriends was in passing as you toured several graduation parties in the Spring and stopped to say, "we should totally get together soon!", but never inked it!

Let's break the cycle, ladies! This summer, ditch the reactive approach. We're busy women, but we're also masters of organization. Grab your calendar (digital or paper, whatever floats your boat) and schedule those long-awaited brunch dates, those weekend getaways we keep dreaming about, those evenings filled with laughter and gossip that only our besties can provide. Lock in those pool parties, those epic girls' trips, and long walks around the park TODAY!

Remember, darlings, summer is like a perfectly chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc - delightful, refreshing, but gone in a blink. So seize the day (and the sunshine)! Make plans with your Tribe, crank up the tunes (because who doesn't love a little "Dancing Queen" by ABBA?), and let's make this a summer to remember.

Now go forth and conquer, queens! Just maybe avoid any questionable dance contests – those days are (hopefully) behind us.

All my love,


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