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“Bringing It”

For some time now I have been working on the consistency of my own personal energy and “business magnetism”.  You can probably think of times when you have been working from a place of eagerness, urgency, excitement and joy.  I'll bet at other times you have found yourself feeling somewhere on the “off” spectrum and no matter what you do all of your attempts to get back to that robust space of feeling enthusiastic seem to fall flat.  When living in the former state, all the energy I put out seems to exponentially bounce back in my direction with new business leads, connections, opportunities and of course the ever-important… sales.  At these times I feel this magnetic pull as if all the good stuff and people are being drawn to me.  There are other days, however, and I cannot place exactly what went amiss when I don’t feel it and I am merely existing.  I was sharing my concerns about this with a group of solopreneurs over breakfast this week as we were discussing some of the challenges we face working from home or independently.  My good friend Jane was at this discussion and as we looked around the table we noticed all heads nodding.  Jane looked at me and said, “Well I think that means you are “normal” Brenda.”. I laugh because although I do not strive for normalcy, it does feel good to commiserate occasionally. 

Sometimes I feel like Fox Mulder of the 90’s and now 2018 series the X Files when it comes to the law of attraction, vibrations, chakras, and all of those wonderful energy coaches out there wanting to help us get our Zen on.  “I Want To Believe!”  Much like Fox Mulder I believe, I do believe and I am open to exploring those New Age approaches from time to time.  I like to teasingly say I have a private “Woo woo” practice.  So, while obviously I am a student in this journey to find and maintain joy in my business and life, I would like to share with you some of the things I have learned that are helpful to me.

As solopreneurs, our livelihood depends on three things…...  Me, Myself and I!  We can’t afford to be off-line energetically for long before it begins to impact our bank accounts.  Ok, so we aren’t going to wake up with super-charged juju every morning, and things may happen throughout any given day to throw us off course.  I do believe, however, that we have control of our emotions.  Even more-so to how we respond to the things that happen and as a result, how the rest of our day plays out. 

Having felt this purpose-driven vigor on numerous occasions, I am constantly seeking the energetic sweet spot that I call “Bringing it”.  Today I would like to share a few strategies I have found helpful to achieve and sustain this passionate feeling about my business, helping others and life in general.  Here is how I set the intention for my day, it actually begins the night before:

  1. Before going to bed, I think about the best things I have going on in my life:  My health, my family and their health, my sturdy home, great friends and business partners, my sweet dogs, the revitalizing slumber that I am about to enjoy, and my comfy warm bed to name a few of the usual suspects.

  2. I remind myself that as I go to sleep, all momentum is going to subside.  Meaning, whether or not I ended my day on a good roll or a negative spin, sleep is going to re-set this momentum for a fresh start the next day.  I acknowledge that in the morning I will have the opportunity to consciously set the tone for the day before my feet hit the ground.

  3. When I wake the next morning I have practiced exclaiming “I’m awake"!   In the positive rather than “Ugh, where’s the snooze button”?  I admit this is easier on days that I wake without an alarm and it does take some practice but I do believe it is a decision to “get up on the RIGHT side of the bed” each morning.

  4. I take a few moments to appreciate the soft bed, the restorative sleep I had and that I have awakened into a new day full of potential.  New connections, progress in business and personal endeavors, excitement to see friends and family, things that are not only possible but probable.  I may listen to one of my favorite “Good Morning” messages on YouTube as I get moving and attend to my immediate needs.  If I do not have a morning meeting, I will also try to meditate for 10-15 minutes.

  5. And I’m off….. As the day comes into full swing I see how long I can keep this state of positive and centered momentum.  On days that I spend time in my home office I like to have a YouTube playlist I created Om Namah Shivaya going on in the background playing uplifting tunes.  To me, the meaning of “Om Namah Shivaya” is connecting with the divine within me.

Ok, now I am ready to take on the world!  I’ve got it and I’m “Bringing it”!  NOTHING is going to divert me from realizing the full potential of this day with joy and eagerness!  Until it does…which, in reality, is a daily thing.  Life happens and it isn’t all cupcakes, wine and wonderful.  Here is what I do when things go amiss…..

  • If something sets me off and I am able to quickly recognize my attitude going negative, like within 60 seconds…. I try to shake it off and re-focus.  Laugh about it if it was just an aggravation, go for a quick walk, get some fresh air or find a quick hug and cuddle from the kids or pups.  Being conscious enough of the way I feel to be able to identify this noxious turn of energy quickly takes a lot of practice but it works.

  • When I do not recognize it quickly and the new mood “moves in”, well that requires a different response.  You know the times when something undesirable happens and your immediate response is to push back, complain, and get angry or upset?  In the past, I would try to recover  by “working” on it to try to get back to that joyful calm place but with all the efforting I would end up feeling like I failed and think “I’m just not good at this stuff!”  Now instead I acknowledge that I had a good run on today’s joy ride, I made progress and I will do even better tomorrow!  Now I don’t completely surrender to the FUNK at this point, I definitely try to move my disposition up the scale for my own well-being.  I just try not to judge myself for being an imperfect human and remember; it’s ok, everything is always working out for me.

I have one more strategy that I initiate on my way to business meetings, networking or anywhere I want to have my super energy powers at work.  This practice involves a few conscious steps and questions to the universe to get my “Bring it” on:

  1. I concentrate and breathe into my physical core, the center of my body, from my heart to my loin.  I focus on the idea that I am a magnet for good things.  “I desire the highest and best in life and I draw the highest and best to me.”  I set the stage and visualize warm welcomes, smiles, connections and genuine interest and curiosity in my personal brand.

  2.  I ask aloud:  “Who can I help today?” or “Who is looking for me?” and “What if it were easy?”

  3. I command:  “Barriers down, I am a magnet!”

  4. I enter the event all smiles and anxious to see what I have attracted.

You may ask, “How is this all working out for you Brenda?”  I can honestly say that since I have been working on this I feel I have grown to exist for the most part in a state of peaceful chaos.  I know that life will continue to throw crap at me but I understand that it is my reaction and not the event itself that has control over the way I feel.  I have great days and not so great days but rarely do I lose it to the point of having a BAD day.  When things happen that are particularly crappy, I try to remember that without the crap, I wouldn’t appreciate the cupcakes nearly as much.

I hope you have a great day and feel like “Bringing it!”

Brenda Ridgley

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