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Kindness is Contagious

Can you imagine a world where everyone you pass looks you in the eyes and offers a warm friendly greeting? How would that make you feel? Wouldn't you almost effortlessly shine that kindness back to others?

I share in my book a condition I call "stealth-mode". It's when I'm in a hurry and dart in and

out of public places with my eyes down and pretend I'm invisible. Reserved for when I'm super busy or more likely, when I'm not primped for public viewing. 🤣 However, when we had to socially distance and wear masks, I think we all reverted to stealth mode 24/7. I think stealth-mode makes us act differently too. I would call it "generally less kind". Mask or not, you can still acknowledge others with your smile and "seeing them" with your eye contact.

Well, the mandates are all but over, but I find that we have many who have residual stealth-mode habits. Is this you? Sometimes? My challenge for you today is to move throughout your day with your head up and seek someone to acknowledge with a smile. One of our greatest needs as human beings is to be seen and know we matter. There is no way we won't change the world if we choose to offer our best and warm greetings to those we encounter. Will you do your part? Are you up for the challenge?

All my love,


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