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Now THIS is Empty Nesting!

Bag the "Empty" and Emerge into your Next Chapter!

Why is it that (generally speaking) we think of Empty Nesters as senior citizens or retired people who are sad, lonely and waiting for their lives to start again when they

are finally blessed with grandchildren? As I raised my family I thought the same thing, probably because that is how it has been marketed to us all these years like in this picture! Now that I am here, I just can't relate to these images, and I refuse to settle for "coping" with this new situation. I choose to EMERGE into my new life, and I want to share this message and some important mindset shifting tools with everyone! There is no reason for us to pout and feel like our best years are behind us! Our chapters to come can be exciting, rewarding and full of joy! We should be celebrating our job well done as a parent and rejoice in the fact that we now have more time to pursue our own interests and even create something based on our own passions and renewed purpose! If you can relate to any of this, I invite you to attend the "Now THIS is Empty Nesting!" Masterclass this coming Tuesday at 7pm CT. This 90-minute workshop will connect you with like-minded women and provide tools and strategies to rediscover YOU and set yourself up to launch into your next chapter in a powerful way. This event is complementary, and I would love to meet you there! Grab your virtual ticket here so I can send you the private zoom link and free program materials.

I just can't wait to connect! When three or more gather, we are Tribe.

All my love,

Brenda BRENDA RIDGLEY is an author, speaker, and girlfriend guru who loves helping women connect, find success, and discover joy through friendship. Her mission is to start a movement: women coming together to build thousands of new Lady Tribes around the globe. Through her workshops, vlogs, blogs, and book clubs, Brenda helps women connect and communicate with respect, love, and trust. She holds an MA in human resources and has spent decades cultivating her own Tribe. Lady and the Tribe is available on Amazon. To connect with Brenda, visit her website at

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