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Sometimes You Just Need to Go All Out

It’s mid-August and many of us are beginning to get back into the swing of things after summer adventures and kids going back to school. Teams and groups are all ramping up for “Networking Season” and getting a jump start after the summer slump. Q4 is right around the corner and there is much work to be done! My team is no different, and I am excited to share some concepts and strategies that we are working on that may benefit your mindset and business as well.

In speaking with business leaders and reading professional development books I have heard over and over again that big upswings in productivity and profitability always begin with a burst of intense activity. It is truly a myth that “slow and steady wins the race” when in fact before swift progress can be made, it likely requires 100% effort for a period of time. “Just Don’t Quit” sounds nice and is a positive message but more is required to make real progress. You must make a conscious decision to learn, grow and insert bursts of energy. If you can imagine an airplane trying to get off the ground, nothing short of full throttle will get the 75-ton plane and passengers off the ground successfully.

Tony Robbins says “The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” So you may ask, what is massive action? It means for a period of time, doing far more and going further than the average person would expect. Success loves speed. Whats required is single-minded, laser focus, all-out attention and relentless pursuit of the goal at hand. Whatever you are doing now… part time or full time, plan on doubling or tripling that when you launch into massive action. Other hobbies, interests and personal agenda items may need to be side-barred for a period of time. It takes only a short-term sacrifice for long-term reward.

This isn’t a life sentence. Most of the time this burst of energy is going to be 30-90 days of an all-out sprint. Massive action creates momentum, and the momentum can later carry you forward with a much lighter workload. Just like the airplane, after the short burst full-throttle effort to get the plane off the ground, the pilot can pull back on the gas once at elevation because the momentum is carrying the load, keeping the plane at speed and altitude.

If you are interested in some great ideas for launching your own massive action, there is a great article by Adam Sicinski you should check out. I particularly appreciated the section on “Making Peace with What’s to Come” and the factors that hold people back from taking massive action or seeing it through. Being too comfortable, otherwise known as residing in the comfort zone, is a big pet peeve of mine. I have been guilty at times of procrastinating because overall, my life is pretty great. Most of the time the pain isn’t great enough to make a big change. Another factor is just plain old fear. The fear of failure, rejection, and uncertainty holds people back from taking massive action.

When you embark on an interval of massive action it takes some preparation. Knowing your “why”, and recognizing how your business is an extension of your passions will help you get started. Reminding yourself of these things will help you see it through. Decide how long your massive action “run” will be, 90 days for example. Also, in the days or weeks before Launch Time, you should ask yourself “What is my level of commitment?” Then clear your calendar, make some sacrifices, negotiate with your family and eliminate all distractions.

I have made the decision to go “all out” a few times now and I can tell you for sure that it’s not easy but it is very effective. I can also say that it is easier to do with a partner or a team. Two or more people working together can create exponential growth. I have a team of leaders in my organization that are taking massive action right now and it is pretty exciting to be a part of. I encourage you to think about it. Take one goal and apply massive action for just 30 days and see what happens.

Good luck!

Brenda Ridgley

P.S. Happy Birthday week to my mother & blog editor Norma!

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