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The Prize is in the Process

Have you ever done something crazy? As I write this, I am one week away from an event I have been preparing for since October of 2020. I was challenged by a friend to get out of my comfort zone and do something completely new and different. Some may even say I’m “crazy”! If you would have told me 12 months ago I would be doing this, I would have laughed out loud. This Saturday, June 5th 2021,I am competing for the title of Mrs. Colorado America representing the Carbon Valley community. I can hardly believe I am less than a week away from the big stage at the Cable Center in Denver. Back in the fall when I was invited to compete my reaction was “NO WAY”! I have never been in a pageant or even attended one! For some reason, I could not get her suggestion out of my head. My friend, Mrs. Longmont 2018, told me I would meet some incredible women who were doing great things for their city. She said it is a wonderful opportunity to represent your community and make a difference. As I considered these factors, my “NO WAY” turned into a “Why Not”? To prepare over the past eight months I have been working pretty hard on myself. That involved some physical things like losing weight, building muscle, improving my skincare routine and learning to walk with grace in heels! It also involved getting out there and being of service in our great community. The experience inspired me to write my first book, Lady and the Tribe, due to be published later this summer. It has been a challenging but also very rewarding experience. One of the largest Mrs. Pageants in the country, 36 of us will be competing to become the next Mrs. Colorado. There are three areas in which we will be judged. The interview represents 50% of our score, 25% evening gown, and yes there is a swimsuit competition that completes the final 25%. YIKES!

As I make my final preparations this week, I am reminded... the crown, although an

incredible trophy, is not the objective. The prize is in the process. I am not doing this “crazy” thing for the title and crown but rather for the adventure and who I become through this process. All too often we go after our goals and forget to enjoy the journey, the end result is all we live for. If and when we actually achieve our goal, the moment is fleeting. When you focus on enjoying the process you can let go of your stress about the outcome and appreciate what you receive from the experience. Why not demand the time you work toward a goal be fun rather than only the one day it is actualized. I encourage you to go after something so crazy it scares you just a little bit. Pursue it with vigor, positivity, and humor so every day of the voyage is memorable and meaningful. That is what life is all about! All my love, Brenda Learn about the Carbon Valley Half Marathon for Autism

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