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Up for a Challenge?

Hello again friends!  In June I decided to take a summer vacation from writing and now that there is snow on the ground I realize I extended my break a bit!  I am grateful for the fact that I am at a place in life that I can let myself off the hook without beating myself up about it.  It’s all good. With that said, and November and the Holiday’s right around the corner, I would like to invite a discussion on the power of appreciation and gratitude.  If you woke up this morning in a warm bed with a roof over your head, enjoyed a cup of coffee and have a few spare moments to be reading this, you are truly blessed.  All too often we do not recognize the blessings before us and observe our “reality” by what is missing rather than what is present.

Feeling and expressing appreciation is like a magnet for more good things to come to you.  Like attracts like.  If you are constantly focused on what is missing…. Guess what?  The things you desire will continue to be just out of reach.  By creating a gratitude habit, you will be stoking the fires of your heart’s desire.

We are surrounded by all kinds of negativity.  People ranting about politics, religion, traffic, housekeeping… even the weather!  An article in the Huffington Post suggests:  “a rant is when you’re speaking passionately about a topic but turn it into a long, rambling, repetitive speech that rehashes the same irritations over and over. Ranting is a waste of time because – a) all you’re doing is getting more and more spun up about it, which b) makes the problem feel bigger and bigger, yet c) you’re not actually making any progress toward a solution.”  The author has some suggestions on how to get off the “complaining carousel” if you are a ranter.

I have a better idea.  Why don’t we put that ranting skill into something positive and powerful?  How about a #gratituderant instead?  About this time last year as I was networking, I received two challenges….Express gratitude for at least one thing every day in November.Face your fear of “Live Streaming” video.  Go on Facebook “Live” daily for 30 days… and don’t worry about being perfect.I accepted the challenge and I posted every day in November 2018.  I can promise you that it was not easy and certainly NOT perfect!  However, I received a lot of great feedback with more and more friends joining me live each day throughout the campaign.  I share a few examples on the #gratituderant tab on my website. 

After November I had great intentions of continuing to stream my appreciation on a regular basis but I fell short.  I am going for it again starting November 1st and I invite you/challenge you to join me!  I will be live streaming from my Facebook page at 3 pm most days, mid-morning on Thanksgiving and as I am available (internet connection contingent) on travel days. 

Please connect with me if you plan on accepting my challenge so I can follow you and don't forget to hashtag #gratitudrant so everyone can find you!  If live-streaming isn’t for you, your #gratituderant can be via social media posts.  If nothing else, please recognize the power of your attention to the positive and share that energy with those around you.  We can all make a difference!

All my love, Brenda

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