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YOU Need a Girls Weekend!

Have you or a girlfriend ever said, “We should totally plan a girl’s trip to ________!” Have you done it yet? What is stopping you? Our minds will always give us a hundred reasons why we can't do something and if we “wait” for the perfect time, it just isn’t going to happen. In the 2019 AAA Girlfriend Travel Research Project it was reported that 24% of women had taken a girlfriend getaway in the prior 3 years. Only 24%? Ladies and Tribes, I think we can do better!

As women, our shared feminine energy is magnetic and we are naturally drawn to each other. We empathize with our similarities and our sixth sense of intuition helps us understand each other. The united energy that is created at a girl’s retreat becomes a powerful healing force bonding us at a higher level.

Your retreat can be less than an hour’s drive or across the globe. It’s all up to you! I highly recommend one annual retreat that is within driving distance, somewhere between an hour and three so that your scenery changes in a significant way. Plan it out six to nine months in advance so you all have something to look forward to. Preparing and getting excited for the retreat is all part of the fun and is bonding in and of itself.

My Tribe’s annual GNO Retreat is always in the mountains. Most of us live in Colorado and we are blessed to have the mountains so close. Our real-world escape is three nights although some are only able to get away for two and that is okay. The first day ladies head out as soon as they can, some leave early to catch a hike on the front end. Others leave in time to meet for a late lunch in the mountain town before check in. The rest head up as soon as they are off work.

We rent a big house… a mansion of sorts that has a real bed for every one of us. We opt to create a “pampering” environment but if your clan loves to live out in nature… YOU do YOU! When we split the price of a huge manor by ten or more, we manage to keep the price affordable for all. We find something with a gourmet kitchen, a hot tub, a firepit, and comfy spaces to gather. That first evening we all bring an appetizer to share and of course there are oodles of cocktails entering the equation as soon as we are settled. Once we are gathered for the evening, we facilitate an intention setting icebreaker of some sort usually led by our Tribe’s soul seraph.

On day two, ladies wake naturally to the scrumptious scent of breakfast being prepared by one of the meal teams. We enjoy breakfast together. Ladies are in and out of the hot tub and then off in mini-groups to go shopping, hiking, or to hit the spa. Some take advantage of a little quiet time and stay back to enjoy the property. We re-assemble at a designated time for another fabulous meal, vino, and a connecting activity. Day three is similar to day two, however, we often throw in a chick-flick that evening for some while others solve the problems of the world around the kitchen table.

The next morning, we are always shocked at how the weekend flew by. Everyone heads down the mountain at various times but before we leave one another, we share one last Tribe ritual that usually involves gratitude and recognition of what each member brought to the weekend. Every member leaves feeling as if they have been deeply seen, heard, and are known in a more meaningful way than ever before.

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to poll your closest friends and nail down a date when they can escape with you for a weekend. It may require that you schedule it out months from now but that is perfect! You will have enough time to guard and protect that date as well as enjoy the planning process. Your girl’s weekend date will get here before you know it! Once it becomes a reality be sure to share #GNORetreat to show you are part of the Lady Tribe movement!

Would you like one new Tribe building tip each week? Join our Inner Circle and get connected to our mission of creating she-Tribes across the globe! Subscribers will get my Top Ten reasons YOU need a girl’s weekend pdf!

When three or more gather, we are Tribe.

Brenda Ridgley

BRENDA RIDGLEY is an author, speaker, and girlfriend guru who loves helping women connect, find success, and discover joy through friendship. Her mission is to start a movement: women coming together to build thousands of new Lady Tribes around the globe. Through her workshops, vlogs, blogs, and book clubs, Brenda helps women connect and communicate with respect, love, and trust. She holds an MA in human resources and has spent decades cultivating her own Tribe. Lady and the Tribe is available on Amazon. To connect with Brenda, visit her website at

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