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Need a Speaker for your next event?

As much as Brenda thrives on working one-on-one and in Tribes with individuals to help them build meaningful friendships, she also enjoys delivering workshops, powerful messages of hope & thought-provoking inspiration to groups of 5 to 25,000. Book a consultation call with Brenda to discuss your next event!

Popular topics include:


    • Stop the Superficial and be Known! How to Create Empowering Friendship Circles

  • Loneliness can be Lethal​​​

    • We are not lonely because we don't know people, we are lonely because those relationships lack the depth and intimacy we crave. Reconnect for longevity, joy and wholeness.

  • What do you Do? 

    • Stand out Finding Friends and Networking Strategies for business and personal goals.

  •  Is your Comfort Zone Killing your Dreams?

    • 10 ways to Stretch and Revive your Aspirations

Brenda Ridgley Speaking on Stage
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