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Hi Brenda,

I wanted to give you feedback on your presentation last night.

Thank you so much for the invite, I am so glad I went!


But if we were voting, my favorite speaker of the evening was …. YOU!


You were able to not only share your story, but get the audience to feel your emotion  ( I don’t think it was just me )

And then to end it with the joy of your business and the life you now have…. It was so incredibly powerful!


Keep going strong!  I look forward to any future speeches you give!


Laura Spandrio, MBA, EA

"What we once thought was "Having it All" in this Lifetime doesn't always work out exactly the way we hoped it would. Brenda is present with 100% authenticity giving us all hope & a tangible example that having it all IS possible.  Contentment in yourself, your marriage, your home, your career is so attainable... because it is not achievement you reach.. (been there, done that). Its BALANCE you achieve. Brenda wreaks of balance, peace and confidence in who and what she is in life."  ~Michelle Seegers, Kaiser Permanente

It is my pleasure to offer my unreserved recommendation for Mrs. Brenda Ridgley to be selected as Mrs. Colorado America 2021.


I have known Brenda for many years and in those years she has always demonstrated responsible leadership ability in all her endeavors. Having resided in the Carbon Valley, specifically the town of Firestone for the past 20 years her accomplishments have been remarkable. She and her husband have been married for almost 27 years. Both have been recognized for their many contributions to the Carbon Valley. Their two children have spent their teen years volunteering in the community and having leadership roles in high school, as well. The family is an asset to our community.


 Brenda is well-grounded in her belief of the importance of connecting to her inner-being; close friends and family; and to her community. She recently expressed her desire to make it her personal mission to connect with people who are longing for meaningful relationships outside of social media.


Since 2001 she has been a business owner; spent 2 terms (8 years) as commissioner and chairperson for the Firestone Parks & Trails commission; former board member of the Carbon Valley Chamber of Commerce; Board member and past president of the North Metro Business Women’s Network; Firestone Citizen of the year in 2006 for her involvement with A Kid’s Place; Co-Founder of the Carbon Valley Half Marathon for Autism and to date has raised $122,000 for the Children’s Hospital Colorado; Recipient of the Mayor’s award in 2013 for the Carbon Valley Half Marathon. In addition, she is a current donor to the Carbon Valley ‘I Have a Dream Foundation’ having sponsored a Carbon Valley student for the past 10 years.


Brenda is the perfect woman to become Mrs. Colorado America 2021. If awarded I can assure you that her passion for being the right representative for her state by setting an example for others to follow will not go unnoticed. She has proven herself to be an honest, compassionate leader with high standards, and outstanding character.


If there are any questions you need answered regarding my recommendation please feel free to give me a call.




Betty L. Heath

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