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A place to connect to a new community of like-minded women who gather to learn and explore new ways to ignite their purpose, create more meaningful friendships & live a joy inspired life
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Monthly Connection

The Discovery Tribe groups gather monthly to learn more about themselves, each other, and grow in individual authenticity and friendship.

Lead by author and certified coach Brenda Ridgley, each month we will discuss a pre-released "ME-Sheet" with exercises in personal and relationship growth.

This is a time of self-care, reflection, and learning how to build deep bonds in friendship. We will expand our circle of support beyond our family creating a

Tribe of support.

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Quarterly Workshops

Every few months we will learn from a visiting Thought Leader who will share on various topics important to many midlife women.

Here are just a few of the many subjects we have to look forward to:

  • Managing our Mindset, Core Identity & Beliefs

  • Unleash the Pleasure Within! Discover, Honor & Communicate Sexual Desire

  • Menopause Misinformation, Maladies and Medicinals 

  • The Eight Facets of Health and Wellness

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Connections for a Lifetime

Discovery Tribe Members will be invited to a members-only forum to connect between gatherings, share inspiration & encouragement, and ask for support.

This is YOUR Tribe!

Connect and be seen & heard. Rediscover your sense of belonging by finding your Tribe. Reconnect to your Passions and Purpose!

Design your Life on your terms!

I'd like to learn more about the Discovery Tribe!

When three or more gather, we are Tribe. Thank you, we will be in touch.

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