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Mrs. Carbon Valley

Mrs. Carbon Valley

My Why:

You may wonder why an author would choose to compete in a "Beauty" pageant.  I have three main reasons. First, I am at a unique point in my life where the slate in front of me is not as cluttered as in the past with the important responsibilities of raising a family. My kids are grown and mostly independent, so I did my job... and well I must admit!  I have two wonderful adult children who are making a difference in their own ways. I am very proud of them both. My wonderful husband of 27 years (who actually makes me qualified to compete as a "Mrs.") is very supportive, and open to my adventures! That being said, I am eager to launch the next chapter of my life in a big way, become the best version of myself, and make a difference.

Colorado's Best Kept Secret:

The second reason is I LOVE my community! I grew up in Longmont Colorado and this year marks my 20th year living in the Carbon Valley area which is comprised of Frederick, Firestone, and Dacono Colorado. Boasting sweeping views of the Rockies, Carbon Valley has that small-town feel yet has all the big city services. I am proud to represent this great community!


Connection - REAL relationships:

Lastly, and most importantly, I am on a mission.  In a world of social media, virtual offices, fitness apps, and on-line dating, people are detached and longing for connection. Connection to their own spirituality and real relationships with others. We weren’t created to go it alone. Many people unknowingly have removed themselves from their close community, believing they are connected because of the number of social media "friends" they have yet feel empty, and unfulfilled. This longing and need can be fulfilled by re-connection to the self, a few close friends, and community. With Lady and the Tribe, I expand on this topic and provide a strategy to achieve wellness & joy thru connection. I agreed to accept this journey for the opportunity to share my message of connection on a grander scale and a bigger stage. 

Brenda Ridgley is Mrs. Carbon Valley
Brenda Ridgley by Spoken For Photography

Saturday April 9, 2022
Ellie Caulkins Opera House

The Event:

How can you help?

Thank you for asking! 

There are a few ways you can support my journey:

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Yes!  I have sponsorship opportunities!  Help me spread the message of connection, community, and hope.... with a little BLING!  Call, text, or message me for more information!

Thank you for connecting and for your continued support!

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