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DIY Career! Birth of a Solopreneur

I was recently encouraged to write about my work-from-home and solopreneur life. Like everyone else, my life is super busy, lots of balls in the air all the time. However, in the past few years I feel I have grown into a state peaceful-chaos and I am grateful. On that note, I would like to share my journey building a "Do-it-Yourself" (DIY) Career and perhaps some tips that will be of value to you. Thanks for being here."

If I may, I will begin by telling you a little about my journey. My background includes a decade of Corporate HR, almost another decade as a retail business owner with BA and MA degrees completing what would appear to be a killer resume. I couldn’t wait to start earning my own money and since I turned 15 I have worked for 12 companies as an employee and have owned 4 of my own businesses prior to my current work from home business. These occupations were all over the board however none of it prepared me for my current career and the challenges of working from home in the industry of Direct Sales.

I was taught that success = Go to school, get a good job, pay your dues, be loyal and work your way up in that company and one day you will be able to retire comfortably. You can gather from my “background” that this formula did not work for me. Sure I went to college, grad school, and then hopped from company to company via promotions until the Great Recession when my HR career turned me into “The TERMINATOR” and the retail businesses I opened in 2002 tail-spinned into financial turmoil and personal anguish. When it all finally crashed at the end of 2009 I found myself in an unexpected, unplanned and uncomfortable paradigm shift into the life of a direct seller because although it had been very part time since 2006, my home based hobby had become profitable.

So, here we are, hitting December 2017 I have occupied the same industry with the same company working from home for almost 12 years. This “thing” has proven to stand the test of time and has become the longest tenure of my career.

The journey has not been without bumps, bruised egos and many prayers for guidance. Because of these challenges I have grown into a stronger more confident professional, a better mother and a magnet for better friendships with individuals of great character.

All that being said, what I plan to share over the next year are strategies, tips and growth concepts that I hope will help you on your own journey. Here are a few series topics you can expect:

  1. Methodically stretching out of your comfort zone and into new unexpected opportunities

  2. The importance of multiple income streams, diversification…. many eggs in several baskets

  3. Establishing your SDMO – Solopreneur Daily Method of Operations

  4. Networking and Relationship Building

  5. “Bringing it”

About Brenda Ridgley

Brenda has a MA Degree in Organizational Development. and spent more than a decade in the Field of HR with Viacom and Qwest. She owned a Wine Boutique for several years before becoming an Independent Marketing Director for Team National. Brenda is the Race Director for the annual Carbon Valley Half Marathon for Autism and the current President of the North Metro Business Women’s Network.

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