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Hug the MOM of a High School Senior

This time of year brings up “stuff” for me. May 8th is Mother’s Day and I find it a little ironic that April and May can be the most emotionally up, down, and stressful months of the year for the mother of a High School Senior. She has been experiencing many “LASTS” and feeling a sense of loss already as she helps her son or daughter take steps toward moving on in their own independence. She is so proud of the child she has raised, and she should also be proud of herself and the exquisite result of her lifelong labor of love. Right now, she is walking an emotional tight rope balancing this exciting time for her student but also the upcoming change in her household, routine, responsibilities, and focus. She may be excited for some of the changes but the physical absence or distance that is about to happen can cause a variety of fears, anxiety, and sadness. Once I heard motherhood described this way; When you become a mother, a piece of your heart begins to live outside of your body unprotected, and this open wound never heals. I have yet to hear a more accurate analogy! This heroine does not want to simply survive this transition. She wants to thrive

through it in a way that honors the mother/child bond with her Senior, savoring and honoring every MOM-ent! As we know, most moms are givers and doers, so here are some actionable items to share that could help her enhance this journey.

  • Breathe. Take a deep breath in and out. Deep breathing helps regulate your emotions, clears your head, and reduces stress.

  • Let it out. A good cry and letting the tears flow is a physical release of anxiety. Let yourself grieve a little. Letting go is hard.

  • Talk about it. Find another High School mom and share your feelings. Find an Empty Nest mom, or group 0(0%) . Visit about their experience. (I am raising my virtual hand here; I would love to help)

  • Give lots of hugs to your senior. Big squeezes!

  • Practice self-care. Now more than ever this is important. Start to reconnect to things you enjoy outside of your family. Pamper yourself.

  • Celebrate! Be present in every moment and enjoy this special time. This celebration is not just for your child but also for you! Congratulations!

The good news is that with time, she will get through this and find peace and even joy in her new reality. For now, lets all acknowledge… and give a big energetic hug to… the moms of the world who are navigating this momentous change in their lives. Reach out to someone you know and let them know you are thinking of them. Ask them how they are doing and applaud them on their accomplishment. Share this post with them and let them know they are not alone! When three or more gather, we are Tribe.

All my love,


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