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What's Missing Here?

This week I had the opportunity to kill some time between appointments and I always love doing a little “treasure hunting” at local consignment and thrift shops. I always see interesting things and find unique items to add to my home and wardrobe. Some of my acquisitions are truly fabulous finds!

I came across this coat hanger sign and tilted my head with a little “huh?” and said to myself, something is missing here. It got me to thinking. Sometimes we wonder what is “missing” for us in achieving our dreams more readily.

There are a few areas in my life that I ask a similar question and it leads me to a state of feeling inadequate or even fear. Sometimes I spend too much time focusing on the missing element, and not enough time on everything that I already have going for me. Does this ring true for you too?

The truth is, Everything We Need is Already Inside Us. To help me be mindful of this truth I practice a mantra every day – “Everything I need is already inside me”. When I initially perceive something as bad or not in the direction of my plan, and I’m scratching my head questioning “why” I remind myself “Everything is always working out for me”!

Our brains can’t focus on negative and positive at the same time. Nor can it simultaneously focus on lack and abundance. We get to decide.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this! What will you choose today?

All my love,


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