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Remember why you started

One of the challenges I face as a solopreneur is not having a boss. I don’t have someone telling me what to do all the time. No one to tell me what time to “clock in” for work, how many hours I should put in, where to be, or what my priorities and deadlines are. Not having someone to “report” to is both a blessing and a curse.

Things are about to change big-time in the Ridgley household and I am freaking out a bit. My 18-year-old son, my firstborn, is leaving for college in less than a month. He is moving to New York, just about as far as he could possibly go in the US to a completely different routine, environment and….. LIFE. For the past 18 months, this upcoming event has been on my mind and has impacted my business routine and focus.

It has been a blessing to be able to create a business that fits into my life rather than fitting my life in around a job. However, creating a legitimate residual income with any business model requires years of consistency, self-discipline, leading by example and yes, some sacrifice. As a mentor of mine says, “do today what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t". I try to remind myself of this when my motivation wanes or I get that occasional tough “NO” from a potential customer or business partner. There will always be ebbs and flows in the momentum of a business as the seasons and climate change. Sometimes I find I can even get away with coasting for a bit.

With the imminent departure of my son and my world turning upside down, I have been coasting in my business. YES, perhaps I am being a little dramatic here, but it does feel like the end of an era is upon me and I am soaking in all the “last times” and preparing for a bunch of new “firsts”. As my son moves into his new adventure I am getting ready and preparing for my own new chapter.

Not having a boss has allowed me to take full advantage of this time of transition. I haven’t had to ask for vacation time because I have complete control of my schedule. I am able to set and work on my own priorities. The only person I must answer to is myself. Having a boss is not without some advantages, but I’ve been there and don’t want to go back. I have decided to enjoy this journey without guilt or self-judgment. Allowing myself to be fully present for my family now, I believe, will fill my tank for my next big run in my business.

My message today is for you to remember why you decided to work for yourself and don’t beat yourself up for taking advantage of the benefits of the flexibility you created. Next month, I will share my strategy to significantly increase momentum with a “take-off” plan, a 90-day run and creating a DMO – Daily Method of Operation. Just putting that out there makes me excited to get started, but for now, I'm moving my son to New York.

Brenda Ridgley

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